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CONSULTORÍA AL CLIENTE MÉXICO S.A de C.V (In Go ahead “FeedboxCEM”)  One Available to the owners of Personal Information That work in Your Possession This Privacy Notice In compliance with the applicable provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act Personal in Posesión of Private Individuals (“Personal Data Law”) its Regulations and other applicable provisions.

The present Notice Of Privacy Establishes the policies and practices of FeedboxCEM For the use and protection of your Personal Information.

  1. Identity of the Person Responsible.

FeedboxCEM Domiciled in Av Jesus Del Monte 41 Office 02 Piso 10 , Jesus Del Monte, Municipality Of Huixquilucan, Mexico City, C.p. 52764, it’s a societity Constituted in accordance with the laws of the United Mexican States, offering its services throughout the national territory, and committed to the protection of its Personal Information, when it is responsible for its use, management and confidentiality; It is therefore important to inform you that the Personal Information What FeedboxCEM Refits over You, they are necessary to verify and confirm their identity, administer and operate the services they provide, in order to comply with The object Of FeedboxCEM Related With the Development of technology solutions and management of electronic interfaces.

  1. Personal Information.

FeedboxCEM Collect from You The Personal Information, (any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person), hereinafter “Personal Data” necessary for the proper assistance of the services provided, such as identification data, contact, operation, transactionÓn Financial data, confidential personal data and Sensitive data (data that may reveal aspects such as racial or ethnic origin, present and future health status, genetic information, religious, philosophical, and moral beliefs); Whether they are refitted (i) directly or (ii) through their agents, staff, subsidiary companies, subsidiaries or promoters and (iii) through fill-in form for registration. These Personal Information Include the follg: (i) full Name; (ii) Contact Details such as address, telephones and e-mail among others; (iii) Personal identification Data such as age, Date of birthNationality, among others; iv iNformation about your operating needs and transaction such as CInterbank LABE and payment method; (v) Account Information on social networks (FACEBOOK, TWITTER,Instagram); (vi) Financial Data such as resources and their origin; (vii) Confidential Personal Data obtained from the voter’s credential as a federal entity, municipality and locality corresponding to the domicile, electoral section and full name; And (viiSensitive Data such as signature, fingerprint and photography contained in The voter’s credential. The above data are obtained from the information that the owner provides personally, or directly from the holder by any means electronic, optical, sound, visual, or through any other technology, obtaining his consent Express, in writing, via electronic and/or any other means of authentication, to collect, treat and/or transfer them in terms of the Personal Data Laws.owin

  1. Use of their Personal Information.

Personal Data that provides To FeedboxCEM will be used to; (i) Provide the services and products required by The customer; (ii) inform about changes or new products or services that are related to the contracted or acquired by the customer; iii Verify your identity, create and update personal accounts; (iv) Evaluate the quality of the service; (v) Conduct internal studies on consumer habits; (vi) Submit offers, promotions or publicity related to The Products and Services Of FeedboxCEM;(viiAddress Requests for services and support Offered by FeedboxCEM; (Viii) Carry out Internal operations; (Ix) Provide free quotes, information or demonstrations of products and services. FeedboxCEM uTiliza Your iNformation General Staff collected Directly during any registration process and through “cookies” for AyudAr To evaluate and modify existing functions.

The Personal Information you FeedboxCEM Rechabe It is also in order to elaborate the profiles of the people who require the provision of Their Services And in turn of the people who contribute to the object of FeedboxCEM, as well as to analyse the risks and circumstances that at some point may be produced in the event of any eventuality or contingency, as such information permitse to FeedboxCEM Provide a better service and raise The Quality of the same.

FeedboxCEM Expresses its commitment that the use of the Personal Data, especially the Confidential personal data and sensitive data obtained from the client’s voter credential during the service of Verification  The Which Exclusively will be to verify the identity of the client.

  1. Protection of Personal Data.

In Order To comply with the purposes of this notice, the “Personal Data” shall be collected and processed under strict security and confidentiality measures. Therefore, The Personal Data that is provided, Present or future workers in possession of FeedboxCEM, shall be handled, treated and/or used under the principles of lawfulness, consent, quality, information, proportionality and liability, So you FeedboxCEM Agrees To observe and comply with the above principles, and not to sell, rent, share or disclose personal information for illicit or contrary purposes for the purposes for which they were provided, except for the exceptional cases indicated in the Law Of Personal Data and its respective Regulations.

FeedboxCEM You will make your best efforts to protect the Personal Information and safeguard security in the systems used to store the Personal Information.

However FeedboxCEM or assumes any obligation to keep confidential any other information that the holder provides in addition to the request, including that information provided by the holder through forms in the SIte Web.

The Personal Information You provide are stored on servers hosted in secure facilities Of FeedboxCEM.

In order to assist you in a more efficient way, All Online transactions are managed by a secure server of a fully identified third party, which receives the information necessary to verify and authorize the charge to its method of payment; Interbank transfers, bank cards and/or convenience store deposits, in order to process and send your transaction. These transactions related to your online operations are managed under high security and protection standards.

  1. Rights to limit the use of Personal Data.

Every time the treatment of your Personal Data is indispensable to provide The Services, there is the possibility that FeedboxCEM Have to share some of your information with various Societies and/or Subsidiary Associations With whom there are written agreements on confidentiality and protection of Personal Information, In order to improve the service Offered.

In the event that Do not want your Personal Information Be treated for the purposes described above, You may submit your application respective to the email address It It will certainly not constitute a refusal to hire the services that FeedboxCEM Provides.

However, it should be noted that there are Personal Data that are necessary for You to request The Services Of FeedboxCEM, in this case, your refusal to provide and/or make use of your Personal Data may constitute an impediment to the service, or the conclusion of your relationship with FeedboxCEM.

It Is important to note that No Your authorization will be required to transfer your data to third parties in the exceptions that the law makes; This is FeedboxCEM You can communicate and share your Personal Information, to other Companies and/or Associations with which they have alliances and/or agreements, and to those which it deems appropriate, in addition to those cases in which the competent authorities so request, isn Administratives and/or judicialIs.

  1. Means of Exercising Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation or Opposition. “ARCO Rights”.

The “ARCO Rights” They refer to you in accordance with applicable law, You will have the right to Access to their Personal Information What  FeedboxCEM Has And the details of their treatment; As well as to Rectify When they are inaccurate or incomplete, they must ask for their correctness, pointing out precisely what data is being addressed and having to enclose the documentation that proves or protects the required modification; Cancel As long as it is permitted by law and there is a cause that justifies such action, and if the request for cancellation is made, it will be blocked and abolished from its Personal Information And finally You have right at all times and for legitimate cause to Opposing To the treatment of their Personal Information.

In terms of the provisions of articles 22 and 28 of the Personal Data Law, You may exercise the rights of Access, rectification, cancellation or opposition To the processing of your data “ARCO Rights”, Must submit application Before The Customer Service Center Of FeedboxCEM Whose data are as follows:

Web Page:


Av Jesus Del Monte 41, Office 02 Floor 10 , Col. Jesus Del Monte , Huixquilucan, Mexico City, C.p. 52764

Hours of Service:

9:00 to 18:00 hours.


In terms of the Personal Data Law of request must contain the following information: (i) full Name, (ii) Right you wish to exercise, (iii) data requiring access, identify, cancel or oppose your treatment, (iv) If you request the rectification or updating of your data, you must provide the data that will replace the previous one; (v) in case of opposition to the treatment of its data, it must indicate the personal data and the use to which it opposes; (vi) In case of cancellation or access, you must indicate the data to cancel or access, as the case may be.

The deadline to attend your application will be twenty working days. The resolution will be released through the means of communication through which it submitted its application.

Attentive to the above, You You must be fully confident that the Personal Information Provided To FeedboxCEM, They shall be treated in accordance with the Personal Data Act and their respective Regulations, being duly protected through administrative, physical and technical security measures in order to ensure their confidentiality and prevent their loss, damage , alteration, destruction, use, access or unduly disclosure of your Personal Data.

Yes You believes that their right to protect Personal Information has been violated by some conduct ofL Personal Of FeedboxCEM Can PutContact the aforementioned email address, Without prejudice to the right to go to the Federal Institute of Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (IFAI). For More information visit

  1. Data Transfer.

FeedboxCEM You can transmit your Personal Data, collecting Your Consent, To those Societies and/or Associations that are part of the group of FeedboxCEM, as well as those that are deemed appropriate, ensuring that the Data are handled only by those personnel whose intervention is to comply with the purpose of the service and/or assistance provided, always subject to the provisions of this Notice of Privacy.

FeedboxCEM Agrees A not to transfer your Personal Information to third parties without your consent, except for the exceptions provided in article 37 of the Personal Data Act, as well as to make this transfer in the terms that it fixes Bliss Law.

  1. Revocation of consent.

 At any time, You may revoke the consent granted to FeedboxCEM For the treatment of your Personal Data with the aim of ceasing the use of The same. Derived from the foregoing, it is necessary to make your request in the same terms established to enforce the rights ARCO.

  9(A) Use of cookies and cache.

The Cookies Are files that are automatically downloaded and stored on your computer When using Cookies allow you to remind the Internet server of some data about the User. Also You can store information that is useful temporarily in the cache.

On the other hand, the web Beacons , Cann be used to monitor the behavior of a visitor, such as storing information about the user’s IP address, duration of the interaction time on that page and the type of browser used, among others. FeedboxCEM You can use CookiesWeb Beacons and other technologies, TRavés of which it is possible to monitor their behavior as a user of the Internet, as well as to provide a better service and experience The data that FeedboxCEM You get from these tracking technologies are the following: s operating systemDevice, , , the IP address,, same as FeedboxCEM Used for advertising and informative purposes, as well as discounts or sponsorships of interest.

You may at any time revoke the consent to use cookies and C By deactivating or erasing, through your browser’s privacy/security optionsAs well as clears the application cache through your computer’s settings options.

If You Delete or deactivate cookies, some functions of this website may not be available for use or may not be optimal.

       9(B) Links to third party sites.

The Site may contain links to non-affiliated third party websites with FeedboxCEM For informational purposes only, so its use may address or redirect the user to external and independent web sites FeedboxCEM And that may be owned by a foreign third party.  FeedboxCEM is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any of These Websites.

FeedboxCEM You have no responsibility for the information contained in third-party websites connected by links That are not managed directly by our administrator. FeedboxCEM Recommend to consult the terms and conditions of all the pages you visit through the corresponding links.

  • Changes to the Privacy Notice.

The FeedboxCEM reserves the right to change, modify, supplement and/or Alter in Any time this NOTICE OF PRIVACY, which will be notified through our website or via email that To Effect has Been Provided.